Week Course Plan Assignments Announcements
1 Introduction Please join the LINE group for homework solutions, grades, class-related questions/discussion, and other announcements.

Please send an email to with “ UMS ” + your English name in the subject line so that I can add you to the class mailing list.
A printable version of the syllabus is here.
All grades from quizzes and tests will be curved according to Sher (1977).
All homework assignments are due before the class following the assignment.
2 Words & Morphemes
4 Categories Reminder: No class next week! (10/10)
5 Quiz 1 Take Quiz 1 before the class of next week!
6 Generative Grammar
7 Quiz 2 Take Quiz 2 AFTER class NEXT week!
8 Review
9 Midterms Week — Midterm Exam Midterm exam Please take the midterm exam before next Thursday (Week 10)!
10 Constituency
11 Trees & Rules Homework 1
12 Drawing Trees (review of HW1)
13 Structural Relations
14 Review Quiz 3
Homework 2
Take Quiz 3 before class next week!
15 X′ Theory Homework 3 Tips for drawing X′ trees
16 Homework 4 Please do HW 3 and 4. Please take the quizzes before the final exam.
17 Review Quiz 4 (Part 1)
Quiz 4 (Part 2)
Try to draw trees for the (non-English) sentences here.
18 Finals Week