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1 Introduction: What is language?; What is linguistics?; diachronic vs. synchronic linguistics; major subfields of linguistics IntroLing_a Please join LINE group for homework solutions, grades, class-related questions/discussion, and other announcements.

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A printable version of the syllabus is here.
2 Languages of the world; language families; language vs. dialect; language change; historical linguistics & linguistic reconstruction IntroLing_b
4 Phonetics: Sounds of the world's languages; articulation; phonetic transcription IntroLing_c
6 Phonology: The grammar of speech sounds; phonotactics; phoneme vs. allophone; phonological alternation IntroLing_d
8 Review
9 Midterms Week
10 Morphology: words vs. morphemes; free vs. bound morphemes; morphology across languages IntroLing_e
11 Syntax: (lexical) categories/parts of speech; subcategories; constituents/phrases IntroLing_f
13 Semantics: word meaning, compositionality, reminder: morphemes vs. words vs. lexemes IntroLing_g
15 Pragmatics: what expressions mean vs. what people mean, defeasibility/implication vs. implicature, calculating meaning in context IntroLing_h
17 Review
18 Finals Week