Week Course Plan/Notes Assignments Announcements
1 Introduction(s);
SAT test examples
Read Orwell Ch.1 & Anderson Unit 1, Ch.1 and do the exercises.

In addition, please join the LINE group for homework solutions, grades, class-related questions/discussion, and other announcements.

If your LINE handle does not include your English name, please me a LINE message with your name so that I know how to contact you if necessary and so I know who you are if you contact me.
A printable version of the syllabus is here.

The required texts for this course are Anderson (2014) and Orwell (1945). Both are available from Caves bookstore on campus.

Please make sure to have the correct edition of the Anderson book. No used textbooks! You will be assigned exercises from the books; you need to do these yourself.

Which edition of Orwell’s novel you get is unimportant, but you must have some copy of the book. No e-books!

In addition to the weekly reading assignments, readings of the text(s) in the course plan should be done before the scheduled class.
2 Quiz Read Orwell Ch.2 & Anderson Unit 1, Ch.2 and do the exercises. *Note: Anderson p.18-24 contain misprints identifying those pages as belonging to Unit 2. They are actually part of Ch.2, Unit 1.
3 No meeting!
4 Quiz Read Orwell Ch.3 & Anderson Unit 2, Ch.1 and do the exercises.
5 Quiz Read Orwell Anderson Unit 2, Ch.2 and do the exercises.
6 Quiz Read Orwell Ch.4 & Anderson Unit 3, Ch.1 and do the exercises.
7 Quiz Read Orwell Ch.5 & Anderson Unit 3, Ch.2 and do the exercises.
8 Quiz Read Anderson Review 1, and do the exercises.
9 Midterms Week
10 Quiz Read Orwell Ch.6 & Anderson Unit 4, Ch.1 and do the exercises
11 Quiz Read Orwell Ch.7 & Anderson Unit 4, Ch.2 and do the exercises
12 Quiz Read Orwell Ch.8 & Anderson Unit 5, Ch.1 and do the exercises
13 Quiz Anderson Unit 5, Ch.2 and do the exercises (If you are behind on the reading, please catch up!)
14 Quiz Read Orwell Ch.9 & 10 & Anderson Unit 6, Ch.1 & Ch.2 and do the exercises
15 No meeting!
16 No meeting!
17 Quiz
18 Finals Week