Taiwan Community Work and Research Association


About us


Taiwan Community Work and Research Association is started and supported by professor related to community work course. A group of Taiwan's major professors set up a voluntary academic group to share teaching experiences and theoretical concepts, which latter become TCWR. Now many enthusiastic partitioners involved in community work joined to share our community ideas and ideals.



Our aims

Along with the evolution of community works in  Taiwan, the concern and practical actions has been sustained by some people. However, in addition to enthusiasm, the formulation of skill training and theoretical knowledge in helping community objects, the strategies to regard community as a unit of assistance, is relatively neglected and is about to be developed.

TCWR aims to introduce Community Works, a focused approach to serving communities that need assistance in developing a neutral convener role, engaging people in meaningful change efforts, and/or measuring progress towards a shared community vision. 

  • We initiate, support and encourage community development work and research
  • We help the community organizations to reflect theologically on their response to social and economic changes
  • We promote and assist community development work practices
  • We provide platform and guidance for community development work projects
  • We organize conferences and publications to encourage researches and best practices
  • We help community organizations to do community development evaluation
  • We offer training and workshops for practioners


TCWR subscribes to the following guiding principles for community development and research:

1.collaborative Approach: Community work and    community development builds on cooperation,    coordination and collaboration between government    and communites.

2.Balance: Community work and community development    builds on a balanced approach that addresses and    integrates economic, social, environment and cultural    consideration, and on a balabced approach between    theory and practice.

3.Respect for Local Values: Government strives to    understandand respectcommunity values. Community    work and community development is built on existing    community capacity and assets.





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